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Sunday Shop Update

25 April 2010

So far four skeins of yarn have found new homes through my etsy shop!  To replace them, I added four new ones last night.  The first, “Mermaid Lagoon,” is commercially-spun yarn hand-dyed with Kool Aid, 85% wool and 15% mohair.

Mermaid Lagoon

Next is one of my favorite yarns I’ve made so far:  Fuchsia Lace.  I hand spun some bright pink wool in a fairly consistent singles, and then plied it with vintage Shasta boucle yarn.  My friend Shannon sells vintage clothing items and hand-sewn clothing made from vintage materials.  When she came across some vintage yarn and brought it to me, I knew I’d use it to ply with handspun.  It’s lacy, light, and so fragile, but plied with the wool, it doesn’t break so easily.  And it turned out soo coool!  It reminds me of something a derby girl or tattoo artist would knit with.  I think it also renews my lust for pink hair a little…

Fuschia Lace

The next two yarns are both hand-dyed and handspun; both are from rovings from cosymakes on etsy.  I joined both of Cosy’s fiber clubs and my African Violets handspun is the first installment of her Falkland club.  The colors were vibrant and bright in the fiber, but when I spun them they blended together to become more muted.  At first I wasn’t sure “muted” was good, but now I think I like the subtlety of the purples and greens.  I’m thinking it’d make a pretty hat, maybe with some embroidery on it.

African Violets

Last is probably my favorite.  Four ounces of Falkland wool from Cosy’s shop.  This was the opposite–this was my least-favorite of the three rovings I got from Cosy this week, but it spun up so wonderfully!  I aimed to try to get more yardage out of the four ounces than I usually do; it’s so fun to spin thick-thin bulky yarns that I don’t usually wind up with more than 150 yards out of four ounces of fiber.  But I took my time with this and got 210 yards; that’s even more than a skein of Lamb’s Pride, which weighs the same!  It still has thicker parts and thinner parts, but that’s part of the charm of handspun yarn, I think.  And the colors turned out pretty nicely; the yellow-red-pink-peach-orange mixture sometimes blends together and sometimes is contrasting, which I like.  I think you could get two hats out of this skein of Raspberry Lemonade, and one would probably be mostly yellow with red/pink highlights, and the other would be mostly red and pink with some yellow bits thrown in.  (Obviously, I wouldn’t be too heartbroken if this one doesn’t sell…)

Raspberry Lemonade

That’s all for this time, but I’m hoping to put up at least as many new yarns as I sell each week.  This week I have plans for at least two new handspun yarns, one of them a super-big skein of wool/tencel shiny shiny!  I will most likely update again next Sunday; until then, there are nearly 20 pretty yarns to choose from in the kt*did etsy shop!

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  1. Hannah permalink
    25 April 2010 1:28 pm

    I wish my dreams were made from your Mermaid Lagoon–lovelylovelylovely.

    And although the Raspberry Lemonade makes me think of patio picnic fun, and the Fuchsia Lace is simply rad, African Violets ties or comes close to favorite. If I ever learn to make a jacket of some sorts (I don’t even know with what or how, I’ve just got these jacket-ey images in my head when I look at that yarn), I will definitely hit you up for some African Violets.

    Great job! They all look so wonderful.

  2. 26 April 2010 7:39 am

    yay for the shop being successful! i love how we can only kind of predict how things will look when spun 🙂 keeps it interesting.


  1. croci « cosymakes

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