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Inspiration: Tiny Owl Knits

18 October 2010
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I know I haven’t blogged here in forEVER.  The traveling thing doesn’t leave much room for creative, interesting knitting.  Instead, I’ve been busy with hats, fingerless mitts, cowls, etc.  Nothing fancy, and a lot of it gifty, so I’m afraid public photos will have to wait.

But I do want to share (with whatever readers I have left) a new blogger/designer I found recently, Tiny Owl Knits.  She’s a girl from London, a traveling musician, and her work is all magic all the time.  I’m completely smitten.  I don’t know if I want to date her or BE her.


Stephanie, a.k.a. Tiny Owl Knits, in her 'woodland capelet'


She is almost as adorable as her knitting designs, which are positively the most adorable things that exist.  They’re romantic, fanciful, woodsy, and just plain magic.

I never got to knit my lover a sweater before our end;  after all, I have a very wise rule about boyfriends:  even trade, sparkly ring for handknit sweater.  But if I had, it would have been this ‘oh my bear’ sweater from Tiny Owl.


'oh my bear'


I only have two of her patterns–the free ones–but when I get home, I plan to buy several more.  The ones I have are clear, well-written, and full of detailed photos, a lot of them instructional.  Here are some of my favorites of her patterns, ones I fully intend to make one day:


'cupcake kitten hat,' inspired by vintage fabric



'deer with little antlers' hat



'gnome home' dpn holders yes, seriously.


She also has a lovely dpn roll-up case that looks like a little fairy house, some cozy lacy leg-warmers, and several cute wristlet patterns.  I’m pretty much dying to try every pattern she has published.

Stephanie is also in a band called ‘snowbird‘ which is apparently opening for the Indigo Girls of late.  They have an airy, ethereal quality that sometimes reminds me of Vashti Bunyan, and others of Deb Talan in her early days.  Snowbird is a girl band, which I kind of like, because it’s kind of rare for me to actually like a girl band’s music–perhaps because there just aren’t as many all-girl bands as other makeups.

I think I like this girl, Stephanie, and I know I like her Tiny Owl Knits.  Click through some links and show her some love if you like what you see, like I did.

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  1. Katrina permalink
    18 October 2010 4:41 pm

    Damn her and her adorable woodsy creations! Those are amazing!


  1. Makes me want to knit « The Penny Farthing

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